Here at Pathway Church, we partner with parents to guide kids toward a heart for God; growing in the stature, character, and knowledge of Jesus Christ. In Kidzone, we engage with kids in exciting and creative ways. Each week is unique from our large group to our small group. In large group, we passionately teach a story from the Word of God and in small group we connect the story to life through creative activities that they will remember and will have an impact on their valuable lives. Our Kids ministry mission is to guide kids to a relationship with Jesus Christ and maximize their potential in this world by partnering with parents in teaching the Word of God.

Nursery - Sundays at 10:15 am (infant - 3 years)

Honeybees - Sundays at 10:15 am (ages 4 - kindergarten)

KidZone - Sundays at 10:15 am (grades 1-6)

We are proud to present Pathway Adventures!

Pathway Adventures is a weekly Family Ministry event. Kids will be challenged to learn Bible verses, explore new life skills, discover the hope and freedom found in Jesus, and take part in loving our community. Pathway Adventures is completely free! Invite your friends and family with no cost to them.


Because this is a Family Ministry event, with every family of kids registered, an adult will have to register as a volunteer as well. Our volunteer meeting tbd. 

The adventure begins Wednesday's this fall, date tbd.

Pathway Adventures.png


  1. Why are we doing this and not AWANA?
    We are taking the best of AWANA and enhancing it, while making it free for the community.


  2. What will the night look like?
    Small Group Time (30 min.)
    Game Time (30 min.)
    6:00 – 7:00 pm

    Large Group Time (30 min.)
    7:00 – 7:30 pm


  3. What if we want to go to a Midweek Life Group?
    Great! Enjoy it. We still would highly encourage you to come to Pathway Adventures with your child. Just like people take vacations and leave, please take 1 week a month to participate with your child.

  4. What if we serve on a Serve Team on Wednesday nights?
    Thanks for serving! Most serve teams serve for a short while aside from safety team and student ministry team. Even then, you are encouraged to sit, play, or participate with your child sometime throughout the night. If you serve elsewhere, please feel no guilt and connect with your child afterward about what they learned. Use the take home paper and ask the questions given.

  5. As a parent volunteer what will I be doing?
    There are a variety of ways to volunteer. Simply put, there are teachers, listeners, check in desk, greeters, game help, floaters, and event leaders/helpers. There is something for anyone and our team is ready to help equip you for difficult situations-- just ask! Call in or ask Pastor Josh Light as he will be checking in the rooms and helping as needed.

  6. What if I’m not good with kids?
    That’s ok. The goal is actually to connect you more with the faith journey of your own kid(s).


  7. What should I wear?
    Comfortable shoes and casual clothes. During the game time you will have the opportunity to play as well. Dress with that in mind.


  8. What if I can’t be there every night?
    Often times that will mean that your child won’t be there either--that is ok. We also understand sickness happens, work schedules change, and we encourage family vacations. Rest and enjoy!
     Please email Josh Light at so that he can know who not to expect. Let him know ASAPso we can adjust as needed and be prepared

  9. What if we have to work during Pathway Adventures?
    We understand life isn’t the same for everyone. We desire for you to be a part of the Pathway Adventures experience, but understand not everyone has the same schedule. Have a conversation with Josh Light and then you will be able to drop off your child or have someone drop them off for you. If one parent is available then they should register. We are also offering nursery this year.

  10. What if my kid invites a friend, do their parents have to register and volunteer?
    In the same way that we host our kids friends when they come to our house –feeding them and welcoming them into our family activities—we will “host” them as our guests at Pathway Adventures. Their parents will not be expected to come and volunteer because you will serve as their host.