Early Childhood 

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We provide a safe and loving environment where infants and toddlers can hear stories of Jesus, while parents fully engage in service.

In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins.

             -George Barna

Nursery Schedule


Infants (0-1)


W1. Bethany and Ritchie Lechlitner                                   

W2. Shilo Streiby, Michelle Rogers, 

      Dawn Hance 

W3. Cassie Glaze, Deana and Dan Freeman                                                                   

W4. Theresa Smith; Lacey Alber                                                                                           

W5. August 30th - 2 Spots Needed

Toddlers (2&3’s)


W1. Sandi Yarian, Marsha Estep 

      need 3rd person

W2. Hannah Jamison, Alexis Light,

      Joanna Brenneman

W3. Sandi Yarian, need 2nd person

W4. Need 2 People

W5. August 30th - 2 spots needed

Nursery Volunteer Needs


Week 5 - Need 2


Week 1 - Need 1 

Week 3 - Need 1

Week 4 - Need 2

Week 5 - Need 2


Training Videos

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