Updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.
So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea.
Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!

Psalm 46:1-3



Nov. 12, 2020
Pathway Church, 

Due to rising COVID cases in our community, we are moving to ONLINE ONLY worship gatherings from now through the end of 2020. We will not be meeting in person for worship services on Sundays. Please join us online at 10:30 AM at www.pathway.community each week! And look for other ways to connect through our weekly Tuesday email.


Pathway Reopening Plan

UPDATE 6/24/2020 (Revised 8/10/2020

After lots of discussion and prayerful consideration, we have decided to continue PHASE 2 "Limited Gatherings" for the month of July. The main reasons for this are 1). safety (due to the spike in COVID cases in our county) and 2). volunteer readiness in returning to roles that are required for full reopening. For the month of July, everyone will continue to gather in the Worship Center together at 9:00 and 10:30 AM. The rest of the building will remain closed on Sunday. Groups and teams are free to gather throughout the week in July. 

The plan is to have full kids ministry start again on August 30 for the 10:30 AM service only, and open up other Sunday morning groups on campus as well by August 30th. 

Thank you for your flexibility and teamwork as we walk forward together! If you have specific needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or the staff at Pathway. 

Jarod Osborne


We are excited to gather again at Pathway! We value your health, both physically and spiritually, and want
to reopen in a way that prioritizes both. This plan outlines the main steps of reopening. The dates for each
phase may change if needed. We look forward to being together, but want to strongly encourage you to
stay home as long as you need to. Please don’t feel any pressure to gather if you are concerned for your
health, or if the setup is not practical for your family or personal needs.


PHASE 1: Home-based Gatherings
Month of May

Summary: Worship online for all ages. The campus is closed for all ministry activities.

  • Gatherings and groups

    • All Life Group leaders are free to host house churches, or “watch parties” at their homes on Sunday mornings if they feel comfortable doing so. 

    • All other congregants are free to host a house church, or “watch party” at their homes on Sunday mornings if they feel comfortable doing so.

    • No groups or ministries will meet on Pathway Campus at this time, but are encouraged to connect online.

  • Staff

    • Staff continue normal office hours, using distance and sanitization practices.

    • Any staff or office volunteer who is sick or has symptoms should stay home.

  • Preparation

    • A thorough building cleaning process will take place according to the CDC guidelines.

    • Worship Center preparation will be completed.

    • Leaders will prepare for phase 2 in their ministry areas.


PHASE 2: Limited Gatherings
Month of June

Summary: Campus is open for worship services (all ages welcome in the Worship Center). The
building will be closed for all other ministry activities.

  • Worship Gatherings

    • Worship gatherings will take place on campus Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 AM.

    • Families are free to attend worship and sit together in the Worship Center. If this is impractical for you, you are free to host a “watch party” or house church model in you home and watch online.

    • We will not have nursery, toddler, children, or student ministry gatherings during this phase on Sunday, or during the week.

    • Gatherings will be reduced to 45 minutes in length.

    • The Worship Center will be set up to create social distancing, including widened spaces between aisles, and a 2 chair separation between people (except family members)

    • Worship videos can still be found online.

    • Anyone who has a health risk or showing symptoms of illness should stay at home and continue to watch online.

  • Safety Measures

    • Doors will be marked “Enter” and “Exit”.

    • Greeters and Ushers will open doors for you.

    • Hand sanitizers will be placed in high traffic areas.

    • Ushers will note if seating capacity is full, and inform guests to come back for the following service, or go to an overflow room (if available).

    • We will all refrain from handshakes and hugs.

    • The Prayer Response Team will not operate during this phase.

    • Communion will not be served at this time.

    • Tithes and Offerings will be collected online, and at secure drop box locations in the back of the Worship Center.

    • Coffee stations will be closed.

    • All restrooms will be open, but unused rooms (nursery, gym, classrooms, etc.) will be locked.

    • High touched areas will be sanitized between services (door handles, restrooms, etc.)

  • Staff may resume meetings with congregants, visits, pastoral care, funerals, etc. using distancing and sanitization care.

PHASE 3: Full Gatherings
Summary: All ministries will be fully operational.

  • Staff and ministry leaders may make specific adjustments within their teams as they see necessary

  • Note: July 5 is the target date to be fully operational, but may change depending on health and safety needs.


Thank you Pathway for your incredible flexibility, compassion, and generosity as we navigate a season of
change together. God is still in charge. He loves us, and he will continue to shine through this situation.
See you soon!